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• finally knows what this music is, after trying to identify it for 25+ years. It's Blancmange! Thanks, technology! Fri Sep 24 2010
• is getting to know Milkshake better, now that Shel's cat has become the only cat at Wunderland.Earth. Thu Sep 23 2010
• loved this review of Aquarius at, where it's currently Looney Week (looking fwd to Chrono review!) Thu Sep 23 2010
• digs this quote: "underneath all of the references is a very well designed, accessible, portable, and best of all, downright fun game." Wed Sep 22 12:34:09 2010
• really enjoyed Ryan Matsunaga's review of Back to the Future: the Card Game, posted at the 8th Circuit Wed Sep 22 12:32:10 2010
• is seeking distractions by taking the ladies out to the theatre. We're seeing Chess, a favorite of Alison's I've long been wanting to see... Tue Sep 21 17:55:34 2010
• R.I.P. Little Cat. You were the best pet I've ever lived with. Thanks for 12 wonderful years together... I'm sure gonna miss you... Tue Sep 21 14:27:37 2010
• it won't be much longer. For those of you who've read His Dark Materials: I feel like my daemon is dying. Tue Sep 21 11:21:36 2010
• is so sad... Little Cat is very ill, and has been going downhill all week. No treatments help. She's asleep on my lap, her life ebbing away. Mon Sep 20 00:09:23 2010
• mmmm, cheese fries... Fri Sep 17 23:52:18 2010
• is out of his element, at a dark & noisy bar, sipping diet cola while Kristin dances with friends. But I do have cheese fries on order... Fri Sep 17 23:34:52 2010
• Feel free to turn around despite the fact that the Kommissar is in town. #rockretractions Wed Sep 15 22:47:53 2010
• won seven bucks playing poker this evening! Mon Sep 13 23:25:29 2010
• is off to a great start in poker tourney #1, having doubled up against Greg on the 3rd hand, with pocket Queens vs. Big Slick Mon Sep 13 20:58:55 2010
• tweeted too soon. Little Cat was only gone about ten minutes. Now my leg is falling asleep again! Fri Sep 10 23:52:25 2010
• has finally been released from lap duty by Little Cat. Except for a few short breaks, she spent more than 4 hours on my knee this evening Fri Sep 10 23:25:49 2010
• can't believe Little Cat is still insisting on being on my lap Fri Sep 10 22:31:33 2010
• meanwhile, I now have 12 folders on my iPhone which use up just 1 & 1/2 of my screens! Fri Sep 10 21:00:03 2010
• is STILL being used as a chair by Little Cat. My leg has fallen asleep. Fri Sep 10 20:56:49 2010
• is finally getting my aps organized in folders, with Little Cat still perched on my knee. I love having a new iPhone! (and my sweet kitty) Fri Sep 10 19:41:17 2010
• must always set aside a particularly long time for the Little Cat to spend on my knee when I've been out of town for a week. She missed me. Fri Sep 10 19:08:05 2010
• will not be reading email at all this weekend, due to a massive software migration project being undertaken by our awesome IT department... Fri Sep 10 17:35:47 2010
• and Kristin are safely back in Maryland after an awesome 6-day trip to Southern California. Looking forward to game night with my peeps! Thu Sep 9 18:28:00 2010
• and Kristin had a fabulous time celebrating our 20 years (and counting) at Disneyland, and we are now at LAX, awaiting our airplane home... Thu Sep 9 12:37:04 2010
• and Kristin are at the Blue Bayou Restaurant in Disneyland, celebrating our 20th anniversary at the place we got engaged 21 years ago today! Wed Sep 8 14:29:00 2010
• is having an awesome time hanging out at Venice Beach with his excellent friend Dave Bondi Tue Sep 7 22:26:30 2010
• loves living in the Future. We found this groovy dining spot by typing "googie diner" into google maps & verifying its style via streetview Tue Sep 7 14:14:23 2010
• and Kristin had a swell time hanging out with Bjo & Jon Trimble, and are now enjoying a lovely brunch in a classic Googie-style diner in LA Tue Sep 7 14:07:50 2010
• had a great time playing games against Everybody at Strategicon, and did pretty well, too: 8 wins,17 losses, Sun Sep 5 21:20:37 2010
• just ran another great session of my zany "Muffins" text adventure game, and is now getting ready for Andy vs. Everybody at Strategicon Sun Sep 5 18:46:46 2010
• is getting ready to play in the first ever tournament for Back to the Future: the Card Game, at Strategicon: Gateway. I hope I win! Sat Sep 4 20:18:03 2010
• is playtesting Pirate Fluxx at Strategicon: Gateway -- these scurvy dogs be havin' a great time! Sat Sep 4 13:37:27 2010
• just read 2 more really nice reviews of Back to the Future the Card Game: and Sat Sep 4 12:26:51 2010
• has arrived in Los Angeles with Kristin and is excited about being a Guest of Honor at the Strategicon Gateway game convention! Fri Sep 3 16:44:36 2010
• just took a break from travel preparations to play a game of Hearts. I shot the moon, and I won! Now, back to packing for Strategicon... Thu Sep 2 23:37:25 2010
• enjoyed this review of Back to the Future: The Card Game by the Modern Day Pirates: Wed Sep 1 17:23:42 2010
• enjoyed this review of Back to the Future: The Card Game by Joe Fourhman Tue Aug 31 20:04:10 2010
• is making a short video overview of Back to the Future: the Card Game, which goes on sale this Friday! Tue Aug 31 15:39:04 2010
• is designing yet another Icehouse game: this time it's a two-classic-stash abstract strategy game using yet another little custom gameboard Sun Aug 29 15:02:54 2010
• just noticed a tiny error in my new BTTF game: in part 2, old Biff says "Today's your lucky day" but I called the card "It's your lucky day" Sun Aug 29 09:06:00 2010
• just read a really nice review of Back to the Future: The Card Game by Chris Newton - Fri Aug 27 14:54:08 2010
• enjoyed hearing Cody & John describe Andy vs. Everybody & Muffins in the Game On podcast episode (#49) on GenCon Wed Aug 25 16:45:52 2010
• is watching a 12-minute interview he did at GenCon about Back to the Future: The Card Game Wed Aug 25 14:54:02 2010
• has been at the dentist getting a routine cleaning - that's 5 times in a row without any cavities or other problems! Yay! Wed Aug 25 12:45:14 2010
• just took Kristin to the airport (she's on her way to the ACD Open House in Wisconsin). Since Alison is also away (at camp), I'm all alone! Wed Aug 25 10:23:35 2010
• enjoyed last night's Mad Men but wishes they'd go to the World's Fair. This is supposed to be 1965 in New York City, right? Tue Aug 24 10:18:56 2010
• played 3 games of Hearts this evening and won all 3; shot the moon twice Fri Aug 20 01:28:45 2010
• just sold his vintage Qix arcade machine to a guy named Michael who drove down from Philly to pick it up. Have fun & good luck with it Mike! Thu Aug 19 13:30:10 2010
• got second place in both of the evening's poker tournaments. Total profit: $12. Yay! Tue Aug 17 00:25:22 2010
• is at Greykell's Birthday Party with hordes of old friends, watching a group playtest Pirate Fluxx Sat Aug 14 21:23:12 2010
• is at the thrift stores with Shel and Josh, shopping for small tables
• is listening to the Game On! Podcast episode #63 ("Cold As Ice") - it's about my Icehouse pyramids and the many games you can play with them Wed Aug 11 17:09:18 2010
• really enjoyed this cartoon, called the Flower: Wed Aug 11 07:09:53 2010
• hasn't gotten sick after returning from a con in a long time, but I definitely picked up a bug at GenCon. Symptoms are minor so far, but ugh Tue Aug 10 14:27:55 2010
• had a great time at #GenCon and even enjoyed hanging out at the airport all afternoon - but I'm very happy to be back on the ground at BWI Mon Aug 9 20:22:13 2010
• is at the Indianapolis airport with a lot of time to kill before my flight home from #GenCon 12:44 PM Aug 9th 2010
• had a lovely breakfast with James Ernest & Jeff Morrow and next we're going over to the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians & Western Art 9:48 AM Aug 9th 2010
• had another great session of Andy vs Everybody (9 wins, 28 losses) and just now finished a session of Muffins with 19 players, at #GenCon 8:52 PM Aug 7th 2010
• is in room 105 at #GenCon playing Looney Labs games. Getting ready for another exciting round of Andy vs. Everybody! Starting at 6! 4:45 PM Aug 7th 2010
• is at #GenCon playing Homeworlds in the Red Dragon Inn with Sam Waller of SlugFest Games & talking shop with James Ernest & others 12:17 AM Aug 7th 2010
• had a great time playing Looney games at Andy vs. Everybody (won 7 lost 22) and is now running a session of Parsely Muffins at #GenCon 7:59 PM Aug 6th 2010
• just waited in a very long line at GenCon so I could meet @wilw; instead of asking for his autograph, I gave him mine (and a Treehouse die) 4:08 PM Aug 6th 2010
• is at #GenCon in a huge room packed with gamers, listening to @wilw tell gamer stories to the enthusiastic crowd 10:29 AM Aug 6th 2010
• and Alison have arrived at #GenCon! 10:02 AM Aug 6th 2010
• and Alison are on the way to #GenCon! We are at the airport, at gate D25, waiting for the airplane-boarding phase to begin... 6:35 AM Aug 6th 2010
• finally updated again: "Origins, InConJunction, and Dolly Sods" 3:35 PM Aug 5th 2010

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