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• is hanging out with Shel, playtesting a new Icehouse game I had ideas for 22 days ago, played using a gameboard I thought up 2 years ago Wed Jul 28 21:21:36 2010
• is having a lovely picnic lunch w/ Kristin & Alison by the side of a beautiful stream, during a splendid mini-vacation out in West Virginia Tue Jul 27 14:57:27 2010
• is waiting for food at the Silver Diner with Kristin & Alison, and talking about food that we plan to go shopping for after dinner Sat Jul 24 19:27:56 2010
• heard a battle royale raging between the cats and then could not find Milkshake... but hours later she emerged intact from her hiding place Sat Jul 24 14:21:46 2010
• is testing Pharaoh w/ Kristin & Alison & Josh, trying another new rule intended to solve the 4-player stagnation problem - it seems to work! Fri Jul 23 22:36:15 2010 via
• has been helping his wife Kristin celebrate her birthday all weekend, most recently in the form of a feast of steak & cake. Happy B-day K! Sun Jul 11 23:04:55 2010
• has locked in on plans to attend Gen-Con by purchasing airline tickets! Fri Jul 9 15:57:00 2010
• finds it disturbing that a soldier with the same name as me was killed recently by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. RIP Andrew Looney... Wed Jul 7 23:56:55 2010
• has Biff's Question Song stuck in his head... Wed Jul 7 16:55:47 2010
• is pondering ideas I had today for 2 more totally new Icehouse games, one for 2 Treehouse sets and one for 3, both using custom gameboards. Tue Jul 6 19:34:53 2010
• flew home after being a GoH, saw Toy Story 3, feasted at Plato's Diner, and just now won a 5 person Poker tournement. It's been a good day! Mon Jul 5 22:02:11 2010
• & Kristin are now in the Cleveland airport, awaiting the call to board the airplane that will take us home... Mon Jul 5 10:52:33 2010
• & Kristin are on the way home after having a great time being the Gaming Guests of Honor at #InConJunction. Big thanks to Kat & the Con Com! Mon Jul 5 08:26:35 2010
• is watching explosions in the sky above Indianapolis with Kristin, Sam & Jackie, Bart, and a crowd of other locals. Happy Birthday, America! Sun Jul 4 22:05:43 2010
• had a great session of Andy vs. Everybody at #InConJunction. I won 18 games and lost 28, possibly the best win/lose ratio I've ever had! Sat Jul 3 18:09:26 2010
• & Kristin are the Gaming Guests of Honor at a sci-fi con this weekend in Indianapolis called InConJunction. We're gonna play lots of games! Fri Jul 2 19:40:24 2010
• & Kristin were on the plane for awhile, waiting for departure, but now we're back in the airport again, waiting for a replacement airplane. Fri Jul 2 09:17:13 2010
• finally got around to seeing the film "Frequency" and found it really quite good. Meanwhile, Origins recovery continues as a new trip looms. Thu Jul 1 12:31:28 2010
• is catching up on TV shows and logbook writing while Little Cat makes up for lost laptime... she's been my constant companion this morning Tue Jun 29 10:34:50 2010
• is very glad to be home again, with friends playing poker & a little black cat perched on his knee. #Origins2010 was fantastic! Thanks all! Mon Jun 28 22:44:32 2010
• is starting the long drive home from #Origins2010 after a great convention. Hoping to get back in time for the 2nd tourney at poker night... Mon Jun 28 12:12:30 2010
• is up late playtesting another company's new game (called Lords of Vegas) with other Game Designers in the Big Bar on Two after #Origins2010 Mon Jun 28 01:41:17 2010
• is amazed he was able to squeeze all that gear into the van. It's a good thing I'm a 13th level Luggage Packer! #Origins2010 is now over... Sun Jun 27 21:11:13 2010
• is kind of sad #Origins2010 is over, but is really happy about how well things went this year. Another big success! Now to pack & go home... Sun Jun 27 17:47:14 2010
• says Congrats to @TS52 for beating me in the Binary Homeworlds tourney this year. I can't believe I lost! Ouch! Well done sir! #Origins2010 Sun Jun 27 12:29:33 2010
• is defending his title in the Homeworlds tournament, but is not doing at all well... I may actually lose this year! Sun Jun 27 12:02:11 2010
• is delighted to have just received the Origins Award for Best Party Game of 2009 for Are You The Traitor?!! Yay! Thanks, fans! #Origins2010 Sat Jun 26 21:38:09 2010
• has agreed to run a session of his Parsely game called Muffins late tonight in the Lab at #Origins2010 for however big of a crowd shows up Sat Jun 26 21:31:39 2010
• ultimately took 2nd place in Icehouse tourney - Ryan Mcguire was the winner, and he got the Cooler Than Ice award, too. #Origins2010 Sat Jun 26 16:20:15 2010
• did much better in the second half of the Icehouse tourney (including getting a Perfect 30) and just won his first Medallion of #Origins2010 Sat Jun 26 15:58:02 2010
• is 1 of just 5 dedicated players in the 21st Icehouse Tourney, but the competition is intense - so far my ass is getting kicked #Origins2010 Sat Jun 26 13:53:30 2010
• is in the Adults Only "After Dark" area at #Origins2010 with 24 other open-minded gamers, competing for the coveted Stoner Fluxx medallion Fri Jun 25 23:11:08 2010
• is an intovert who needed to sneak away for a few minutes of quality alone time to prepare for the next event: What's Next From Andy Looney? Fri Jun 25 18:49:04 2010
• did much better in today's session of Andy vs Everybody, winning almost a third of all games #origins2010 Fri Jun 25 18:24:02 2010
• lost the RAMbots tourney at #Origins2010 to Craig Forbes, who does real programming for a living (including part-time for Looney Labs) Fri Jun 25 13:00:27 2010
• used to be a programmer but now only does so in sport, as in the RAMbots tournament at #Origins2010. Currently in the finals... Fri Jun 25 12:42:12 2010
• lost in the IceTowers tourney and is now one of 19 people vying to win the coveted Martian Hold'em medallion at #Origins2010 Thu Jun 24 22:16:34 2010
• is doing worse than usual in the first session of Andy vs. Everybody at #Origins2010, but is having a great time of it anyway Thu Jun 24 16:40:57 2010
• lost the Fluxx tourney despite winning the first game. Delighted to see that the winner was a little girl by the name of Evie. #Origins2010 Wed Jun 23 21:38:21 2010
• is one of 22 players vying to win the first medallion in the first Fluxx preliminary tournament at #Origins2010 Wed Jun 23 20:23:51 2010
• is Twittering his 1000th Tweet from the 1st day of the 11th Big Experiment hosted by Looney Labs at #Origins2010 2:55 PM Jun 23rd
• is REALLY pleased with our HUGE new Lab space at #Origins2010... and the daisy path leading to our booth in the exhibit hall is AWESOME! 2:49 PM Jun 23rd
• is in what we call the Sweet Spot, where everything is ready for the big event, and we are just enjoying being fully prepared. #Origins2010 2:38 PM Jun 23rd
• is making hand-written prototype cards featuring new ideas resulting from last night's excellent playtest session of my newest card games 12:26 PM Jun 23rd
• is in Columbus Ohio with the ladies of Looney Labs, getting ready to start Big Experiment #11 at the Origins Game Fair. It's gonna be great! 2:50 PM Jun 22nd
• is getting ready for -- and getting excited about -- the Origin game expo starting on Wednesday in Columbus Ohio. It's gonna be awesome! 10:55 PM Jun 19th
• is at an Italian restaurant w/ about 50 of his in-laws family & friends, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Congrats Marv & Elaine! 5:55 PM Jun 19th
• was in last place for most of Hearts game #3 but pulled out a last minute victory by shooting the moon. 3:20 AM Jun 18th
• is playing Hearts for the third time this evening. Hopefully I'll do better this time than I did in the first two games... 2:24 AM Jun 18th

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