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• is 10 tweets away from his 1000th tweet. whoops, make that 9 tweets away. 8 PM Jun 16th
• finally did workout #30. Sadly, I should be closer to 50 by now. Really gonna need to step it up in the second half if I'm gonna reach 100. 5 AM Jun 16th
• has been busting his butt on card layout work for the past few days, but is all done! The printer-ready files are ready for final approval! 5:47 PM Jun 15th
• just posted an update to called "Origins Prep, Looney Techs, Green Paint, and more" 7:10 PM Jun 10th
• just had his life changed by reading this: "This column will change your life: Are you an Asker or a Guesser?" 12:21 PM Jun 8th
• has been enjoying Star Trek Phase 2's Blood & Fire episodes, but is very frustrated by my inability to find the very last segment on YouTube 4:43 PM Jun 7th
• is digging the launch the Falcon and other great new technolgies, but bummed about the oil in the gulf. Can our tech ever clean all that up? 12:20 June 5th
• was quite simply blown away by the fan-produced Star Trek movie, set 12 years after Kirk's death, called Of Gods and Men. It's amazing. 4:13 PM Jun 4th
• is very pleased with how things went in the first few playtest games using the first prototype of a little something called Pirate Fluxx... 10:39 PM
• is at Playa Del Fuego, camping with 1000 orange hippies. The naked slip 'n slide just ended - when it gets dark, things will be set on fire. 11:54 AM May 29th
• played a second game of Hearts and this time won handily, even though Rich shot the moon... 10:45 PM May 27th
• just lost a game of Hearts by a mere 3 points, despite shooting the moon (for the first time in ages) 7:48 PM May 27th
• thinks Max Reed put it just right: The Lost Finale Was Incredibly Dumb 11:23 AM May 24th
• enjoyed the 3 alternate endings (shown on the Jimmy Kimmel show) a whole lot more than the actual ending of Lost... 6:56 AM May 24th
• was very disappointed with the ending of Lost. 9:34 PM May 23rd
• is watching the Lost Series Finale with a small group of friends on a very big TV. Hope it lives up to the huge expectations we have for it! 6:35 PM May 23rd
• is over-seeing a focus group test of his cool new card game with a group of 5 teenagers from Baltimore. So far so good! 3:26 PM May 23rd
• has been greatly enjoying the multi-page review of my old videogame Icebreaker at the Stack: 12:00 PM May 23rd
• is prepping art for this year's set of Origins prize medallions & sending it off to the company that makes the disks. (I add the ribbons...) 1:52 PM May 21st
• got a kick out of this article from the New York Times: "Marijuana Fuels a New Kitchen Culture" 10:15 AM May 21st
• is watching a group of 4 players as they play-test the cool new card game Looney Labs is publishing this fall. They're having a great time! 5:38 PM May 20th
• is delighted that Rep. Mark Souder of Indiana is stepping down from office after having an affair. Good riddance to this drug-war hawk! 2:12 PM May 20th
• finally updated again: "Back To the Future! / New Hires / Renaming Rabbits / Shel & Shake" 9:42 PM May 18th
• just wrote an official answer to this Fluxx FAQ: "How does The Traitor interact with the Silver Lining rule?" 11:57 AM May 18th
• has been creating an official Twitter account for LooneyLabs. 7:47 AM May 17th
• thinks @BarackObama should grant a pardon to "Prince of Pot" Marc Emery, a Canadian now serving a 5 year term in a US jail for selling seeds
• is building an extra copy of the prototype of the current version of my newest card game, so we can run 2 playtest sessions at the same time 11:30 PM May 13th
• is playing Hearts. 7:31 PM May 13th
• answered another interview Q, this time about favorite games not invented by me: 6:55 PM May 13th
• Yay! RT @looneykristin has approvals to show everyone this first image from our no longer secret fall release: 4:39 PM May 12th
• won third place in the third tourney. Total profits at the poker table tonight: $23 10:48 PM May 10th
• also won second place in tourney #2, and now, even though it's really very late, we've decided to start a third poker tournament... 9:38 PM May 10th
• won second place in the evening's first Texas Hold'em tournament, and is doing well so far in the second tourney 8:26 PM May 10th
• had a great time today at a charter school in Baltimore, talking about (and playing) my games with a classroom full of fifth-graders 6:13 PM May 10th

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