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• has been hosting a dessert feast in honor of Alison's birthday, with 5 desserts I made from scratch: 3 types of cake & fudge & creme brûlée [11 PM April 1st]
• is reminded again - by ink stained fingertips - that Pilot Precise Extra Fine Rolling Ball pens always leak after riding in airline luggage [3:35 PM Mar 29th]
• is glad people are finally using his preferred term for previous decade: the Zeroes: "Back in the mid-zeroes..." [12:40 PM Mar 29th]
• just gave a surprising answer to a question about how the Flamethrower works: [11:14 AM Mar 29th]
• really enjoyed this review of Are You The Traitor: [11:11 AM Mar 29th]
• @selenya Awesome. Clearly you need to bring that deck to some event I'll be at so that I can autograph it too. And then find @AbnormalBrain! [10:01 AM Mar 29th]
• just saw a tweet by @selenya that made me grin: "George Romero just caught us playing Zombie Fluxx!!!!! *FANGIRL SQUEAL*" [8:06 PM Mar 27th]
• has now had a little cat asleep on his knee for more than two hours. (She missed me.) Great episodes of Lost and Survivor this week! [2:09 AM Mar 27th]
• is very happy to be home again after a great trip, with a Little Cat purring on his knee, starting to catch up on mail and TV shows, etc... [12:49 AM Mar 27th]
• is hanging out at Gate B8 in the Chicago Midway airport, waiting to board his connecting flight home... [7:48 PM Mar 26th]
• had a great time at #GTS2010 and is now at the aerodrome, ready to start the long trip home. (My final poker tally was down, but that's ok.) [2:38 PM Mar 26th]
• is psyched by this news from #GTS2010: Martian Fluxx and Are You The Traitor? have both been nominated to receive Origins Awards! Woo-hoo! [11:45 AM Mar 26th]
• washed out of the ACD tourney shortly after James Ernest and is now losing money in a regular poker game to James' left. He says "Hi." [1:01 AM Mar 26th]
• is doing well so far in the ACD Texas Hold'em tournement at Caesar's Palace, and just won a special prize for getting the first Full House [10:43 PM Mar 25th]
• just had a great session in the Poker Room at the Venetian: my profit was $226! (But after adding in my other losses I'm only up $77 so far) [5:19 AM Mar 25th]
• at #GTS2010 we are also attaching purple ribbons to the badges of game retailers who visit the Looney Labs booth, which read "Gone Looney" [3:20 PM Mar 24th]
• is at #GTS2010 in Booth 211, talking to game retailers about Looney Labs games, giving out literature & happy flowers & promo cards & more [3:05 PM Mar 24th]
• is all done getting the Looney Labs booth set up at #GTS2010 [7:03 PM Mar 23rd ]
• is working with Alison on setting up the Looney Labs booth at the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas, while Kristin & Jessica are off at a meeting [1:26 PM Mar 23rd]
• lost a bunch of money twice in short order on the same cards: Ace-King of Hearts. Instead of Big Slick, I call that hand Big Disappointment. [3:25 AM Mar 23rd ]
• is in Las Vegas, playing No Limit Texas Hold'em in the Poker Room at Harrah's Casino, and so far is just holding steady [1:25 AM Mar 23rd]
• is boarding an airplane bound for Las Vegas, on his way to attend the GAMA Trade Show (and to play poker!) [8:48 AM Mar 22nd]
• updated Wunderland: "Toy Fair / Ki'ana & Sadaf / Happy 60th Anniversary Mom & Dad!" [3:13 PM Mar 20th]
• just did workout #14... definitely need to step it up if I'm gonna suceed at the 100-workouts-a-year goal this year. But summer's coming... [6:39 AM Mar 20th]
• is listening to reports on the state of the company (and preparing to talk about R&D stuff) at the Looney Labs annual stockholders meeting [12:53 PM Mar 17th]
• was the 3rd place winner in poker tourney #1 and the 1st place winner in poker tourney #2. Total profit: $32! [11:41 PM Mar 15th]
• is delighted to hear that Martian Fluxx won's Best Analag Game! Yay! [2:28 PM Mar 15th]
• is working out (#13) & watching the Dinner Impossible guy make a meal for 100 college students using only food he finds in their dorm rooms [5:14 PM Mar 13th]
• is trying to have a productive night even though the heavy winds have knocked out the power to our entire neighborhood... [4:09 AM Mar 13th]
• is enjoying a poem written by his niece Sharon called "Ode to Chocolate Cake," ending with the wonderful phrase "the quiet dignity of cake." [4:18 PM Mar 11th]

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