andrewlooney (andrewlooney) wrote,

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• has been having a great meeting with Kristin, plotting and scheming about various future plans and secret projects [7:00 PM March 10th]
• is watching TV while binding copies of presentations to be given to the stockholders at the upcoming Looney Labs Annual Shareholders Meeting [8:25 AM Mar 5th]
• lost the first game of Hearts but won the second (shot the moon twice) and is now starting game #3 [8:22 PM Mar 4th]
• finally did workout #12 (first one since hurting my toe, which has healed a lot) while watching Back To The Future for the 12 millionth time [9:10 AM Mar 4th]
• had a lot of fun hanging out with @joshnumbersbad and playtesting my secret new card game and Secret Project PH-10 both of which went great [7:40 PM Mar 3rd]
• had a rip-roaring good playtest of his newest secret game design with @joshnumbersbad and @shelbytwest and is now playing poker [5:47 PM Mar 1st]
• just jammed the big toe on his left foot really badly -- it hurts like crazy! Ouch! [9:28 AM Feb 26th]
• just read a nice review of Martian Fluxx written by @MattMorganMDP posted at Check it out: [3:46 PM Feb 23rd]
• was the first to wash out of the first tournament and is falling asleep waiting for the first tourney to end so the next one can begin... [7:30 PM Feb 22nd]
• just finished Workout #11 while listening to himself being interviewed about Are You The Traitor? on the Pirates Vs. Ninjas podcast [11:25 AM Feb 22nd]
• is thinking, "Cool, it's 2:22 on 2/22!" [11:23 AM Feb 22nd]
• thought Avatar was ok (and it certainly looked AMAZING). It was like Lawrence of Arabia meets Star Wars with a touch of Aquaman stirred in [5:46 PM Feb 21st]
• is finally seeing this Avatar movie everyone's been talking about [1:15 PM Feb 21st]
• is feeling a lot better about the thing that was really bugging him on Friday. [6:24 AM Feb 21st]
• is unpacking boxes, moving stuff around, and otherwise restoring order to areas of chaos created by last fall's flooding of the basement [9:59 AM Feb 20th]

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