andrewlooney (andrewlooney) wrote,

Game Report: Icebreaker 2 and ICE-11 with Bondi

Last night Dave Bondi came over to hang out, and we played a bunch of games. Dave's been a friend of mine for a long time, but he lives in California so it's always a treat getting to see him when he's in town on vacation.

Dave is the artist who did all the pyramid animations for Icebreaker, so I was pleased to be able to give him a copy of the freshly-released Icebreaker 2. We spent a lot of time just playing the game and reminiscing about the old days at Magnet Interactive Studios. (In doing so I finished several more levels on Medium, including Spa Fon and Strange Reflections).

We also playtested my new Treehouse game, which I'm still referring to here as ICE-11 (even though I think I've chosen the final name). looneykristin and I had been playtesting it earlier in the day... we played a lot of games with various not-quite-right rulesets, but after deciding to give the player two actions per turn, I think the rules are now complete.

I'm really happy with how this newest game is testing... after teaching it to Bondi, along with Treehouse and Black ICE, I asked him which of the 3 games he'd liked best, and I was pleased -- and surprised -- to hear him say it was ICE-11 he'd enjoyed the most. I think I've got another winner!

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