andrewlooney (andrewlooney) wrote,

Game Report: Icebreaker 2

Upon returning from GenCon, I found in the mail my official free copy of the just-released Icebreaker 2, so of course I had to play a few ceremonial games using an actual release CD.

(In case you don't know what I'm talking about, Icebreaker 2 is a sequel to a videogame I designed for the 3DO gaming system in 1996 but which was never published. For ten years I assumed it would never even be possible to release it, but then a company called OlderGames broke the 3DO encryption and offered to publish my carefully-saved, almost-finished final work-in-progress for the original platform it was intended to run on. And now it's here! And if you've got an old 3DO Multiplayer, you can get it too!)

So it was quite a thrill to finally put a real, published 3DO disc (complete with a cool looking label) into my dusty old 3DO player and experience again the addictive thrill of attempting to destroy all pyramids. I started by trying to beat the infamous level 53 at the next difficulty setting but soon gave up, moving on to another nasty level, #58, called Release the Hounds. I couldn't conquer it, either... the best I was able to get it down to so far was 15 pyramids.

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