andrewlooney (andrewlooney) wrote,

Who I'm Supporting for President

Topher wrote to me, asking: "I'm curious. Who are you supporting for this year's election?"

I'm supporting Obama. He's not my favorite, but neither Dennis Kucinich nor Ron Paul have a chance of winning, and having spent my whole life supporting candidates who didn't win, I'm weary of championing another no-chancer this time around.

I really don't care much for Hillary; I love the idea of a female president, but there's just so much unpleasant baggage associated with this particular female, and I REALLY want someone in the White House with an unfamiliar name for a change. Plus I also love the idea of a black president (and I think it's awesome we're being faced with such a choice). Of course neither of them have particularly good positions on the Drug War, but both are way better than any of the Republican candidates (except Ron Paul).

As regards my favorite issue, I actually like the fact that Obama has admitted to "youthful indiscretions" since it means 1) he's honest and forthright about his past 2) he knows first-hand the many falsehoods of the anti-drug propaganda machine and 3) electing him would send the message that yes, it's possible to have used illegal drugs and still achieve great things, including becoming President. Such a man might well be able to support the end of drug prohibition once in office, even though it's probably better for him not to voice such opinions in the meantime. So at the moment, I'm in favor of Barrack Obama.

That said, if by some miracle Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination, I'd totally vote for him over Obama (unless Obama chooses Kucinich as his running mate).

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